Certified No. 2020003636-A

Certified No. SG-2021005726

Certified No. SG-2021004720

Certified No. SG-2022007430


Digital transformation available for every sector


Efficient interactions through Omnichannel 100%


Solutions designed and developed for each industry

Throughout this time , GroupCOS has had a high-performance team that always behaves according to the standards required to meet the objectives we set for ourselves. Additionally, it also stands out with remarkable contribution in solutions to unforeseen events that are faced every day, which always result in general benefit to our organization.

Commercial and business specialist

Contact Center


Tech solutions


Human resource management

Collection management

Specialized services

Our trajectory in the national and international market covers all sectors of the economy. Over the years we have developed different success stories that allow us to stand out as a versatile and flexible BPO.

Our global vision and experience of more than 13 years has allowed us to take the industry’s best practices to their highest level achieving long-lasting relationships with our allies.

CEO & Co-funder