Specialized Health Services


The COVID-19 has marked a new reality for the whole world, therefore, effective and agile crisis management has encouraged companies to transform their strategy involving friendly end-user systems and easy and functional remote access. At COS, we have developed and implemented modular services that are adapted to each phase and to the service chain according to each type of institution with participation in the management of the pandemic. Our processes include both solutions related to PRASS (Testing, Tracing and Sustainable Selective Isolation) and the vaccination program deployed by the government of each country.


Follow-up services and customer service:

Direct line for users and / or patients

Basic services and / or emergency medical response

Risk identification, classification and analysis

Real-time information transfer

Isolation monitoring

Positive-COVID-19 patient follow-up

Scheduling and monitoring of face-to-face and / or virtual appointments

Logistics and suppliers’ payment management

Support services in the management of vaccination by phases:

Updating patient data for phasing

Geo referencing patient with the nearest health supplier

Scheduling and confirmation of appointments

Informed consents

Follow-up for second doses

Health status monitoring


General Health Care

The health sector is a segment that requires particular attention due to the nature of the services involved. The challenges of health care are varied due to factors such as volume, accuracy, processing speed, administrative costs and regulatory compliance impact customer satisfaction. Therefore, at COS we implement automated medical case processing strategies that support collection management and processing of patient claims data, which help us process claims in record time under excellent quality standards. Some of the services available to our local and international clients include:

Medical claims management

Health software

Frontdesk services (authorization and eligibility)

Billing and analysis of medical claims

Indexing and coding of medical cases

Medical transcription

Coordination of basic medical services