Our Key: Competing with Customer Service

Our Key: Competing with Customer Service

If a user finds a product that they have been looking for, have all their needs met and also receives excellent customer service – undoubtedly they will be satisfied and this satisfaction will most likely make them come back and get another product or service. Additionally, this user will surely recommend us to other consumers. It’s not a secret that competition is becoming bigger and bigger, but that products and services offered in the market will try to offer better quality and better prices all the time. We know that today it’s become fundamental to give not only good but excellent customer service if we want be continue being the strongest in the market.

The strongest strategy that COS has as a Solutions Contact Center to compete in the market offering BPO services is providing our clients with personalized attention through our Bogota Call Center in order to satisfy the different needs they could have. We use the ISO 9001/2008 norm to implement this service, which was created by the International Organization for Standardization.

Based on the norm mentioned above, we have all the elements that allow us to administrate and improve the quality of your products and/or services while also having an effective and productive system. Through Telemarketing Solutions we are able to evaluate any company’s level of satisfaction, independent from the core business of your company – the latter which we are able to achieve throughout internal standardized procedures. Telemarketing Businesses also tend to compete with pricing and we understand that a great price is fundamental when you are thinking of outsourcing part of your business, but, the key to success is to satisfy the needs and expectations of your clients.  This is done through kindness, personalized service, quickness in the aforementioned service, friendly atmosphere and call security – all in all what we are trying to say is that an excellent service needs to be provided.

COS combines the relationship between a good price and quality, which makes us the best option for your business. Our Solutions Call Center has accomplished being the top in the customer service field since we count with: technological adaptability (which we obtain through tool development at your request in order to give you the best solution for your business and that it goes above and beyond your needs), human resources (we take care of recruiting the ideal personnel for the job requested, counting with the necessary filters so we can count with the best work force for your service), and feedback and quality control (we monitor 100% of the calls and control the quality of our agents in order to maintain the quality of the service given along with the highest international standards) in order to give you the most impeccable and exceptional service possible.

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